Night As a Babysitter by Coderz

One night you're BabySitting Shawn. You are watching the news. It's an average daily night. Check on Shawn, watch TV eat some snacks, But that all changes when you heard the news report. You then try to play it safe and take safe precautions, But what is that noise outside, why do I feel like I'm being watched from the Dark windows of which are tinted pitch black with the light inside the house. Can you make the right choices to prevent the unknown? Or can you at least be ready?

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Review by emmodii
23 Sep 2017
I think you probably should have made it clear that the psychopath in question had a history of crimes and murder and such because... Not all psychopaths are crazy murderers. Potentially dangerous, yes, but I wouldn't immediately conclude that they're a killer. No need for the news to go crazy and tell everyone to protect themself and their loved ones.

Also, font choice could have been a little better as it was a bit of a strain to read, but maybe I'm just picky. Also, story is kinda cliché, not exactly as many choices as there could have been too.

Review by funkyspunk90
18 Sep 2016
Pretty basic- just make a few choices, and if you guess right you don't die..

Review by plipe
28 Jul 2016
I loved it! it had plenty of choices and actually kept me on edge unlike other games I played on here! I just wish it was longer!

Review by JenMarie98
27 Jul 2016
It was good! I like how the endings were straight to the point xD You didn't dance around it with vague text xD Well done (:

Review by pnguyen22
15 Feb 2016
Great gamer, try mine

31 Dec 2014
This was good and gave me a good amount of choices. The only problem was it was short. Keep it up. Thanks for Reading.

Review by Faremodernwar
29 Apr 2014

Review by Claire6129
18 Apr 2014
Yes, yes, very good. The choice of background, (black) and the words in white gave it a little boost of scary.
(In my opinion, that was a nice choice to make this worth a five star.) Well, that and the words itself. It was really well done. Please don't hesitate to try any of my games, by clicking my name in blue, Claire6129. (At the top of the review.)

Review by TRiKi
15 Apr 2014
Good plot. can never win.

Review by MistPrincess98
14 Apr 2014
This game is great!

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