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Reviews by iceburner

10 Nov 2014
Excellent! The writing captured my interest throughout. A unique story that has you wanting to explore all narrative paths.
Don't pass this one up!

Review for Victorian Detective
17 Oct 2014
Great story! It kept me engaged. I like the way the reader needs to be engaged in the story to correctly unlock the clues. You did a good job of providing enough clues so the reader can deduce the right answer without it being too easy or being a total guess.

The scoring system was a nice touch - a bit of a motivator of sorts.

Keep up the good work. Now I'm off to Victorian Detective 2!

01 Oct 2014
I would have normally passed this story up since I'm not a zombie fan but I saw it in the top rated section and had to see what the fuss was about. I am SO glad I gave it a chance!

This story is well-written and held my attention throughout the entire thing! Even when making the 'wrong' choice it's not obvious at first and you get a suspenseful lead-up to a death scene. I like the development of the character in how he's realistically portrayed in the way he responds on an emotional level to the mayhem that he's thrust into.

Great work! Keep it up and I look forward to more!

22 Sep 2014
I agree with the previous review by Odie_da_Bosse.
To add, the content of the story starts out fine and the descriptions of the examined items give hints on what to do. Then all too quickly there's minimal description and it's hard to figure out what to do and what commands will advance the story.
The timed event near the beginning of the game is a good element of urgency but it's lacking in execution. I'm willing to bet that no one gets it the first time since there's hardly enough time to read the text let alone type the command.
This game is a good start and judging by your writing you have a lot of potential. I suggest taking a bit of time to test it out, try out the suggestions given so far and you're sure to have a game that will attract a lot of people (at least sci-fi fans like me!)

Review for Dancing Storm
19 Sep 2014
I can't believe there's only one review after more than 2000 plays. I was going to wait until I finished it but I've played enough to form an opinion.

I like the Japanese setting with the authentic (as far as I can tell!) Japanese names. The puzzles are challenging (I've needed hints) and unique.
The game world is well-laid out with location descriptions that give the player a good visual. The characters and locations are interesting and kept me wanting more.

This was my first text adventure I tried on this site and am very pleased. I look forward to checking out more by Craig Dutton.

Review for The Mansion II
17 Sep 2014
Great game Nick! I enjoyed it even more than the first one. The puzzles are challenging and smart and there's a lot of them. The map is large and lots of places to go and keeps it interesting.
Suggestions for improvement would be using more relevant comments after trying a command that didn't work. For example, use <item1> with <item2> could result in "You can't do anything with that on it's own". That comment would work better if you were trying to use <item1> by itself.
I liked the addition of Up and Down - much easier to use then Mansion I. Good use of descriptions for the rooms and the use of maps; it helped with visualization and made the game more interesting.
I can imagine a lot of time and effort was put into a game like this. Well done and I look forward to more from you!

Review for The Creatures
16 Sep 2014
A CYOA type story but it is very linear so that you don't really have a choice if you want to make it to the end. It would have been just as effective if there were no choices at all.
A somewhat amusing ending and the grammer/spelling is fine but I can't give this more than 2 stars.

Review for 9:05
25 Aug 2014
I like the sense of urgency that drives you through the game. I loved the unexpected twist it throws at you (a few replays may be needed). If you want a short and enjoyable game then try this one. It brought a smile to my face.

Review for Aisle
25 Aug 2014
This format is unique and you've made it interesting. It made me think I was in a 'Groundhog Day' situation where each ending I gain more information to help make the next time even more interesting. I like how the more you play, the more the main character develops and you have a better understanding of him.
Excellent job! I enjoyed it.