very hard if you don't know anything about the Titanic. Good luck. if you get the question wrong then you have to start over.
A fairly simple story about a girl named Athena drowning and 3 friends mission to find her...or her body.
13 Dec 2016
Three friends are on a vacation and one gets lost. The other two have to do whatever it takes to get their friend back.
13 Dec 2016
You have been captured and taken to a Dungeon? How do you leave? Where are you? Will you ever be able to escape? Play the game and find out!!! ~PwnerGameStudios 2016 (C)
20 Sep 2016
Grisham is small, but he doesn't have much you can teach him.
09 Sep 2016
What is Henry Jackson's wonderful news. Would you like to find out, or spend the rest of your life wondering what it was?
07 Sep 2016
Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Tea Shop is an interactive mystery story set in the world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. The story centers around a conversation between Holmes and Watson over a cup of tea, in which a new mystery presents itself. Players take on the role of Watson as he attempts to read people and evidence the way Sherlock does, and Sherlock's responses will vary depending on how well reasoned the player's choices are. There are no fail states, and the story resolves no matter what choices the player makes, so feel free to relax and enjoy watching th...
31 Jul 2016

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