Panic Mansion is a combination of a trivia game and an action-rpg. You must find your way through the Panic Mansion (like a panic room but a whole mansion) by completing quests, answering questions and defeating bosses at the end of each level.
6 days ago
Welcome to existence. This is a game about player choice. Have fun learning about it! It currently has five endings, choose your path wisely.
29 Nov 2016
You play as Richtofen trying to defeat the Shadow Man. You must find the Kronorium, quest books, and summoning key. There are other items you can find and use, but these you absolutely need.
12 Oct 2016
The sequel to the Crude Maze Game is back! This time, you are in a facility and you need to escape unharmed with your next friend! There will be lasers, missiles, more warheads, and probably some dank memes. Email for feedback: [email protected]
04 Oct 2016
This is an adventure multi-theme game where you play as a 13-year-old boy named 'Alex'. He needs to travel through different time-lines in order to save each of his friends to exit this world. (Or you can win through genocide by killing everyone in that episode.) Please email me with positive and negative feedback if you like! [email protected]
30 Sep 2016
Experience first hand what it's like living inside of chepper land. You must make your own moral choices and decide whether you want to work for Johnny Cheese or Sheriff Pepper. Experience constant choices and kill or spare as many people as you wish. You are the judge. A secret path and ending is also available, but finding it is a puzzle. Good luck.
20 Sep 2016
This is a fan-game of Boku no Hero Academia, only in Chinese sorry. You are a student who wants to apply for U.A. High School, and you have a dialogue with the admissions office. It have something about slash, because I like Aizawa sensei so much~
05 Sep 2016

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