You wake up in a darkened room. More or less. TW: suicide and related themes
This is my first Horror game. I have a try again feature in it but save anyway because if you waste resources you will be in an unwinable position. Hope You enjoy it! =)
You find yourself trapped in the zombie apocalypse, it's been a week and the city of Savannah has collapsed. Rumours about a new survival group named 'Crawford' spread around yet it was too late, Savannah is now a 'dead zone' and you find yourself in its outskirts. This will show how dangerous and horrendous the world around you is, as you try and find safety. But can you survive The Walking Dead?
Chapter 3 picks up inside the settlement you were taken to in the previous chapter. Inside, you learn a shocking truth about yourself, and a terrible event changes everything. This part took a long time, as it was meant to be have explanations for a lot of things, and set up for the next chapter, which probably will be the last one. It took me a couple tries to get it how I wanted, so that's why it took so long. It's also more linear than other chapters due to it being for explanations. Hopefully you will still like it though. Please leave your thoughts in a comment or review, and thanks fo...
A simple exploration of a man living alone in the tattered remains of the world, haunted by the memory of "Winston".
My first attempt at a completed Quest game, Zombies attack is a horror(ish) game where you have to escape you're apartment. There's combat, situations of chance and puzzles involved. In many scenario's you're faced with a situation that is influenced on you're health. It was intended to have sound effects, but I took them out for offline. It's my first game, and has 47 rooms if that's any indicator of length. ~Please note, little spoiler~ To kill the first Zombie, just use the laptop on it.

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