You awaken in a bed, not having any idea who you are, where you are, or why you might be there...
No, wait a minute. You're pretty groggy when you first wake up in the morning. After thinking about it briefly, you know exactly who you are, where you are, and what you're doing. Your name is Pat Conroy, and you are staying in a hotel room at the Bayside Resort--although most people call it the Lazst Resort (either affectionately or disdainfully, and it can be hard to tell which) after its proprietor, Ray Lazst.
A short AdventureBook style game I made for my Digital Media Studies class
Objects you can pick up are highlighted, but the game requires that you interact (take, remove, search, push) with objects that are not highlighted to complete it. There's only two endings to the game at the moment- one where you save the girl and one where you do not. This is my first try, so please bear with me and simply report any bugs you find in the game. Once, it is close to bug free I'll try to get some visual aid for the game. Thanks everyone, this site is awesome!
Melanie has travelled halfway across the world to organise the estate and belongings of her deceased uncle. Memories, dreams, and life changing revelations await. This is my first text adventure ever so please be kind. I may not have ironed out all of the bugs but I think I covered most of them. Thanks all! Some adult content: Swear words, some disturbing imagery.
Once you enter "The House" you will never be the same: You find yourself stranded in the dark, your only hope is an oasis of light in the form of a mysterious house. What darkness lurks in the woods? What secrets does the house contain? Can you survive The House?

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