This is a demonstration, meant to exercise some text effects. In its current state, you can't actually play the game, but it does give an example of what sorts of effects are possible using Quest. It's all for display - and please forgive some "glitches". If anyone would like the source for this, please let me know. I'm hoping to work up a general "TextEffects" library. If it ever amounts to anything general and useful, I'll post it (or make it available). Sadly, when played in a browser, it's painfully slow. If you want to see it in its glory, you'll have to download i...
This is the second game in the Totalitarian series. If you have not played the first one, I highly suggest you do so here: Otherwise, have fun, and don't forget that the final part will be out soon!
Simuliert einen "Ganz normalen Arbeitstag" . Im Moment noch im Alphastadium !
the cart is gone... find it!
It's your first day of work. Time to get ready. ----------------------------- Note (10/8/2016): For a school project, but I hope you enjoy it if you do play it! Thank you for the plays and reviews! I may release more in the future.
If gamers play games to kill time, then what would happen if gamers play a game where the objective IS to kill time? I bring you My Little Time Killer: a perpetual work-in-progress. The story goes is that you're some derp-of-a-Unicorn stallion who, along with four other mares, are field-testing a prototype lunar habitat on the Moon and are provided with various forms of entertainment, and separate bedrooms. All rights to My Little Pony belong to Hasbro. MAJOR UPDATE: - NEW ALTERNATE/ SECRET ENDING - Ponies are now just randomly selected for you - Using cole's Wandering NPC add-on, the...
Like my last game, sort of an autobiographical adventure, more of a mosaic of parts of my life, stitched around one particular incident.

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