The Hobbit: The True Story, redux, Director's Cut (2017 port) by Fredrik Ramsberg and Johan Berntsson

# The Hobbit: The True Story # redux, Director's Cut

# - Inform 7 port of old MS-DOS adventure

# Copyright 1993, 2001 Fredrik Ramsberg, Johan Berntsson

NOTE: BIG THANKS to Fredrik Ramsberg and Johan Berntsson for not only creating this game, but also for approving this port!

This was originally shareware for MS-DOS, but the authors gave permissions to publicize this port using Inform 7.

This is a port of an old parody of Melbourne House's game "The Hobbit" -- which is based on a book allegedly based on the story on which this game is based, or so says the game anyway.
Information in this game listing is copyright Fredrik Ramsberg & Johan Berntsson.
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Written by
Fredrik Ramsberg and Johan Berntsson
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Published 1993
Listing added 25 Apr 2017