The Morning Commute by kgrkz

It's just another Monday, you assume.

(First game ever, so I'm still learning!)
Review by reBelle516
23 Apr 2015
Witty, funny and warming. What else can I say? Apart from few gameplay errors it' really good :) Keep on writing!

Review by MustafaD
10 Nov 2014
It was confusing at times and some scenes didn't really have options.

Regardless, it was fun and witty.

Review by Losbirro
07 Nov 2014
3 stars , but when i saw the first page i stop to read.... TOO LONG !

Review by AshesBurnt
05 Nov 2014
Very interesting! Apart from a few continuity errors, the gameplay is near flawless. The game itself is humorous and quirky. And this was only your first game... Keep writing, I'd really like to see more from you soon!

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