MyCareer by jmacpher

Welcome to MyCareer the game where you earn happiness, fame and fortune in your chosen career.

Become a surgeon, a teacher, an actor.

- 5 Industries
- Over 40 Career Pathways
- ONE Goal

Feedback most welcome on here or email:
[email protected]
Review by treeHugger
06 Apr 2020
Very entertaining, thought it was impossible at first but you get the hang of it :D
I think you chose the perfect amount of requirements to succeed. I highly recommend

Review by PietroXI
04 Apr 2020
Outstanding game, very enjoyable with lots of entertaining choices.

Review by Heres a problem
07 Mar 2020
I wish I could choose the career but I cant. It just says Choose career and thats it. No options or anything, I would really also like if you could lower the health. I've tried restarting but its still the same?.. Also I'm playing this on chrome, so if it doesn't work on chrome then :p
Anyways Cool game, I just wish I could play it :/

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