Safegaurd by BlindEyes

You had recently downloaded an app that allows people in trouble to contact any willing volunteers to help with there situation.

You are one of those willing volunteers.

This game is REALLY short, I plan on expanding upon its story later on.

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Review by TriangleGames
02 Oct 2016
It makes a fine proof of concept, I think. In a full version I would naturally hope to see more than two options at a time for the dialogue, and multiple paths to success. I like the idea, and I'm ready for more.

Review by thetruespin
30 Sep 2016
I'm sorry to be harsh, but it was pretty terrible. You don't really have any control how the story progresses and your choices don't have any real impact. You basically die unless you do what the game wants. And sorry but the plot and dialogue are extremely stilted.

Review by TheGinger8readMan3
30 Sep 2016
A few dialog issues, some of the options and actions didn't sound natural, but overall it is a good game.

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