Face 2 Face by Tristriton12

He's back again... the stalker with no face... READ DESCRIPTION... OK, I know I kind of slacked off on the first "Face" story. But this time, I slapped myself back into shape and there are no loose endings. Also, if it DOES seem too short this time, just start over. I tried to keep away from the lazy errors in the first "Face" story. PLEASE REPORT TO ME IF I HAVE ANY ERRORS OR BUGS--- Thank you!!!
Review by funkyspunk90
18 Sep 2016
The story's a little random, with not much ending up making sense... Eg the fights are a bit unrealistic- If there's a big fight somewhere public, especially with people being knocked unconscious, someone would call the police and people would be arrested. The sudden endings vary a lot and don't seem that consistent considering what's been happening before.

Review by Azura Davis
01 Nov 2014
I enjoyed this overall, with a few problems. I felt like the encounter with the man at the store felt out of place and a little pointless. Other than that, there are a few places I would have liked a little more explanation and detail. Like instead of just saying that a fight happened, you could have described the fight. Overall though, not bad at all.

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