Don Whitman's Masterpiece by normancrane

Don Whitman was a high school boy who did a bad and bloody thing. Now the pipe's all filled with cement and the adults tell his name to scare us—all except Mr Gregor: Mr Gregor knows the truth. He told it to me once, with details.
Review by GameofChocolate
13 May 2017
I really wish it had options and choices instead of just, "Here's my story, click some buttons."

Review by stormfirej
03 Jan 2017
Okay but I wish there was more options to decide the narrative.

Review by hannaivety
10 Jul 2016
i'm quite speechless. the whole thing left me in awe. this was such an amazing read, i loved every second of it. it just pulled me in! gosh, it just makes me want to read more of this!

this is an amazing text adventure, a must play!

Review by Laufeia
29 Apr 2016
Intriguing about society and what is the better decision in end.

Review by funkyspunk90
16 Nov 2015
Great atmosphere, I love the way the story builds, just the right amount of uncertainty!!
It reminded me (favourably) of a couple of other caving themed horrors I'd read!

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