30 Kilogrammes by verityvirtue

This is a tiny utopia. Written in the last few days of my summer holiday.
Review by JohnChhana
24 Jan 2017
Great idea and mechanics. Wish it was a full game though, it has endless possibilities.

Review by IFforClassroom
18 Jan 2017
Wow! I hadn't gotten around to reading his on IFDB, but I'm sure glad I noticed it here! You used the perfect tool, too, to emphasise the ritual of packing. The same prose would not have worked so well were it non-interactive.

Review by SkinnyAlien
18 Jan 2017
This is really short! I like it a bit, but I wish there was more. The mechanics of dragging the choice was really neat! I think if you expanded on the idea it would be a lot cooler! Keep at it. :)

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