Shoddy and Pigears by Father

You are Shoddy. You live in Toytown with your friend Pigears . You wake very early one morning. It's very quiet. Pigears is missing!
Note: This is not a game for small children. Toytown has grown up a little.

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Review by colliclaw1294
05 Mar 2023
great job it looks great

Review by Natloud
27 Mar 2018
Really fun game with just the right amount of challenge to make it thought provoking but still enjoyable.

Review by MattRD94
13 Nov 2017
A great little Game,
Fun Puzzles and a brilliant sense of humour.

Review by DavyB
22 Sep 2017
I've just returned to playing adventure games after a gap of a few months. This was a good choice! I picked it because of positive reviews, particularly the one from Sarah4. I agree with all of her comments and unlike her the humour was to my taste! The implementation could probably benefit from a bit of polish in a few places (I'll send a direct note) but overall this is great fun, and easily completable in a couple of hours. I particularly liked the implementation of the train journey.

Note: I downloaded the game to play it, as I do with all games if possible. It is VERY annoying to be timed out!

Review by Hormus
30 Aug 2017
Excellent game, besides the fact that the browser expired on me mid-game.

Review by wolvins
10 Mar 2017
Funny ending, great writing, just a great game. can't say anything else.

Review by dm08plyr
28 Sep 2015
This the 3rd game by "Father" Ive played in the last couple days. Excellent writing-- immersive and entertaining! Look forward to more games by you!

Review by Lahoya
23 Mar 2015
Good game, interesting!

Review by Otttilie
25 Jan 2015
What a brilliant game! I was so enthralled, I played it all in one sitting. The attention to detail was stunning and it ran smoothly and completely bug free. I look forward to playing more of your games, Father!

Review by markydennis
17 Jun 2014
think i forgot to rate the game! whoops!!!

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