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Reviews by Hormus

Review for Deeper
16 Aug 2017
An excellent game indeed! I loved everything about, besides the map. Everything was good!

15 Aug 2017
Excellent in all form of manner, beside the lack of activity and animals. Very, very good! :)

Review for Dr. Science Mouth
24 Dec 2016
I really love this game-a regular blood-chiller. When I heard the drill, I was litterally trembling in my seat! This game is awesome! and the doctor is a genius, being able to find my hiding spot. I love it!

I really like this. It's short, very creative, and also gives you an air of mystery. The reason I like short ones is because you don't waste your time wandering around from one room to another, with no idea of what's going on. I created my first game, "Doctor You", just a few minutes ago. Keep up the good work! ;)