The darkness of mere being by A lost kitten

Can you get the two new people in the office to hook up?
Review by EmilieSJM
20 Sep 2015
To reply to JustAHumanBean my interpretation of what happened at the end is that the POV switched to that of the invaders, just like it did when it switched to Laura after Charlie died. The monster that spits out people from its ears is a car (which three people get out of: Laura, Kenny and the Meteorologist) and the offering that they give to the intruders is chocolate. If you chose to give something back in return I think the intruders offer a meteorite. The round, dark thing is beyond me though.

Great story if a little short - definitely worth the read! (play?) :)

Review by JustAHumanBean
20 Jun 2015
This was a very intriguing and captivating piece, if not a bit short. The only reason I don't give a perfect 5 is because the ending is a bit confusing. I'm very confused, for example, as to what happened to the main characters, the "invaders", and who the person in the end was. Perhaps a sequel is deserved, great work otherwise!

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