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Review by Brandonvwang
08 Jun 2015
it was very easy but it was a good game next time try to make the game longer .

Review by CN7
05 Jun 2015
I found a glitch. I was able to escape with the keypad you should consider adding all numbers so that it is harder to crack the code. But otherwise I loved it!

Review by youth44
04 Jun 2015
I loved it. And you're right. I am a poop.

Review by Yukonymous
02 Jun 2015
Very short, with a hint of no point. Here come my reviews.

PLOT 1/5 - Game is very short, and thus, very unenjoyable.
COOPERATION 1/5 - Few things. If the number is right or wrong, the machine isn't SUPPOSED to say "YAY" or "No". The game also isn't suppose to say "YOU POOP". This shows the game maker is very unprofessional at what he/she does.
SKILL 3/5 - Good job. At least you know how to do link pages unlike a number of users on here.
OVERALL 1/5 - Very low in point. So bad it's disgusting. But I do know that this is your first game. I look forward to your future games.

Review by Decoded360
02 Jun 2015
Great for a first game! Normally I'd give a low rating for a first try because, well the creator has no experience, but this had a ton of potential! One problem was that the code was pretty simple- the first digit shouldn't have been the same as the first number you find, even if it's obvious that the first number you find is for the third digit to put in, because the player will almost always put in the first number they find regardless of anything saying otherwise.

Anyway, great job. I can see you making some awesome escape games.

Review by vicbrusal
31 May 2015
Very simple, extremely easy, but a good idea.
Hope to see more of you!

Review by Bopasps
30 May 2015
Good stuff. I just guessed except for 1st 2 digits.

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