Wake by storyspoiler

You wake up. You have no memories, and you're blind.

Each playthrough is about one minute; the game is designed to encourage and reward multiple playthroughs.
Review by YumYumLady
02 Apr 2016
I give it a 3. So so.

This game is a bit odd to me. I don't understand nor do I know the reason of being blind. It is a simple game of friendly conversation from a suicidal patient basically. It has no "figure it out answer"


Review by manly_unicorn
05 Aug 2015
it's all basically the same conclusion and there's not much more to gain from restarting

Review by origamimaster
31 May 2015
Amazing, it is a fun, creative, and fast game.

Review by EnderDoesMC
11 Oct 2014
If you are in a rush but want to play a very good text adventure that is really short, well, "this is not--wait! it is the game that youre looking for." It was very enjoyable, so GOOD LUCK!

Review by Tom C.L.
01 Jul 2014
A really good game. I played it various times and it was always enjoyable

Review by Ethan+22
17 Feb 2014
That was a really nice little tidbit of a game.
I really enjoyed it and I played it through several times.
The concept (idea) is really interesting and I would love to see an expansion on this to be a full on story.
That would be great.
Until then, 5/5!

Review by Tildy
28 Sep 2013
Definitely good for playing repeatedly. Each playthrough is short enough that it doesn't feel like a chore to start over, and the story is interesting enough to want to know more.

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