The Killing by Cruz

After you and your squad gets attacked by strange men, you are forced to flee into the desert with your two friends. The only survivors. Over the radio, headquarters tell you that a suspicious radio signal was found in the Sahara desert, asking for a passcode to a bomb.

"We suspect a group of terrorists have planted a bomb somewhere in New York, and they are going to activate it in the next few days. We don't have any troops ready in your area. By the time we send them in, they would have already set off the bomb. You're tracker tells us that you and your two friends are only three kilometres away from where the radio signal was headed. You are our only hope. Over and out."

It is up to you to decide which way to go, which decision to make.
It is up to you, to save New York.

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Review by funkyspunk90
18 Sep 2016
Most of the action doesn't make very much sense- for a story about the military, people with guns don't use them on people attacking, the protagonist spends forever considering whether to pick up a gun or not as enemies charge towards him, and fifty trained combatants running forwards *all* fall over each other in a sudden comedic heap. Grenades explode when people step on them, like mines, and two people manage to defeat fifty people coming straight at them who are equally armed...
It makes it harder to take stories seriously when the author writes about topics they don't know very well, because it's not as believable.

Review by Dynasty
05 Jun 2014
Was done well. Story intriguing, but quite long. D:

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