Fallout Shelter by Amadeo Voss

Even through six inches of reinforced steel, you can hear the noises.

An entrant to Shufflecomp 2014.
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Review by emmodii
23 Sep 2017
Too short to really enjoy, but it had the potential for more, honestly.

Review by Hijak
02 Apr 2016
Enjoyed the writing style, if it was longer I would give another star. I'm not sure if it's possible in Squiffy, but maybe you could play a music file when you put the record on?

Review by Mango art
26 Aug 2015
Short but fun :)

Review by Speedy Gonzales
27 Jul 2015
It was cool how music put the monsters to sleep

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Written by
Amadeo Voss
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Published 13 May 2014
Listing added 31 Jan 2015

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