Quest - Text Adventure Tutorials and Templates by XanMag

This is not so much a game, although, each room has very simple "game-like" elements to it.

This is a tutorial on how to solve many of the common problems users of Quest experience.

IMPORTANT: It is important that you also download the .aslx file so you can see what I was doing behind the "Quest curtain." CORRECTION: If you want to look at the .aslx file (the file pre-bundled into a .quest file), send me an email at [email protected] and I will send it to you. Then you can open it with desktop version of quest for a good look at it. The most effective way to use this is to look at the GUI editor AND at the in-game play/explanations. You could just look at the in-game product and follow the "explain" steps as you go, but if you are anything like me, seeing it laid out in the editor is VERY helpful, too.

There are basically nine hallways, each addressing elements of the Quest system. The nine hallways are:
Output, Object Manipulation, Lightness/Darkness, Effect Player Scripts, Very Common Scripts, NPC, Containers, Complex Scripts, and Timers/Exits.

Each room has an "explain" feature that, while in-game, will explain to you how to use the GUI to achieve the results of that room. If you want to see the explanation in the editor you obviously can click on "explain [room name/description]" in the tree of stuff in the left panel.

If you have any questions or things you would like to see added to this "game", please ask or suggest in the game comments or PM me and I'll add/correct as soon as possible. Thanks!

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 15 Feb 2016
Updated 02 Jan 2020