Dance Quest by Amadea

"In the beginning there was Love, who created the Dance. Ever discord threatens to destroy what has been brought forth. But those divinely inspired continue the quest..."

This is a fantasy game about a dancer trying to help out a desolate city. It contains an original soundtrack. I'm glad to help out anyone who is stuck, just leave a comment. Enjoy!

(If you find any typos or bugs please let me know in the comments, or send me a note).

-In addition to the standard "help" command you can get some information more specific to this game by typing "info." You can also view the credits by typing "credits."
-Type dance at any point to see a list of dances you know (you start out with one).

(2/18/2018) Fixed some typos.
(2/24/2018) Fixed a typo and also made it so that you can either knock on something, or just type "knock."
(3/22/2018) Fixed some typos and added some details.
(4/4/2018) You will now get a different response the second time you ask someone about "dance."
Thank you for your feedback!

If you are using a version of Quest prior to V5.7 you can use this edition of my game:
This resolves a minor bug with saving/loading, however it does so at the expense of the music. You can read more if you follow the link.

Walkthrough now available:
(Open the html file in a web browser. Mouse over blacked-out hints/solutions to view).

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Review by Butterfly1204
21 May 2018
This has a really good story line

12 Apr 2018
This is good. While I can see that this story is still not fully finished, I really like what's going down in this world. And "dance" is a unique theme.

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KEEP UP DE GOOD WERK! (Consecutive Thumbs Up)

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 17 Feb 2018
Updated 04 Apr 2018