Warriors: Choose Your Path by nightsenna

Play as a RiverClan cat (more Clans will be coming soon) and control your entire life as a warrior or medicine cat. Train apprentices, start families, lead your Clanmates into battle, and play as 20+ different characters!

This is currently incomplete, so don’t get your hopes up haha. So far, I’ve only gotten partway through one character’s kithood. It will take a while to complete even one storyline.

Game Updates:

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Review by Lilybraken
04 Jan 2021
Yeah, I wish it had more... could you work on it a little?

Review by scarly woods
02 Mar 2020
It's soo good! I wish It had more. In my opinion, you can always add more choices that are dire and more choices later on, but what is really important to me is how long you play. If there is a bunch of problems but they all have one page, I bet it would have horrible reviews. But I think It has great potential. My game is here and I just updated it and you are free to comment mistakes and review it.

Review by Misterfox
01 Mar 2020
really great love it and hope you finish it!!!!!!! :)

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