Keeper of the Gates by CUSFS_Official

A chainwritten choose-your-own-adventure by members of Cambridge University Science Fiction Society.

Each world was written discretely before being passed back to other authors to carry on from. Three people wrote this - future ones may involve a lot more people.

If you have any queries, wish to be involved in a Michaelmas 2014 sequel, or most importantly and most likely, have any bugs or typos to report, email Michael at [email protected]. Especially those bugs. I know there'll be a few left somewhere.

The game can be played without a account - simply press 'Play online' and 'Play anyway'. If you create an account you can save your game - but it's not hugely long, so don't worry.

Have fun!

(Michael and Pedro wish it to be known that they are not responsible for the maze. Good luck with the maze.)

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Review by daniel&ashley
01 Aug 2014
Very short. Simple. Too many ways for a bad ending though. Also, no love choice.

Review by RejectedFejoa
09 Jul 2014
Very cool and funny

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Published 07 Jul 2014
Updated 07 Jul 2014