Medieval Adventurer by TextAdventure101

The civil war is tearing the world apart you a escaped prisoner must end it. (very very short and for noobs to text adventures only raildroads players and is very easy if you want to play a medium not railroad game, click the link)

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Review by Regisblackgaard
06 Dec 2016
good game!
but not exactly the textadventure type.

Review by Renagrade
10 Dec 2014
Alright. So, I'm not an expert on these games (I'm more of a Gamebook type of guy), but I think that I know enough to say some. I did appreciate the prompts a little bit, since I'm really bad at these type of games, but you took it too far. I am a noob, but I didn't need that much help. Also, in the beginning, you told me to grab a dagger before I left. Well, maybe if you could actually put the dagger on the table or even in a chest. There was no way for the player to know how to grab the knife.

That said, this is probably still better than I could do.

Review by Marzipan
30 Nov 2014
I can see that you're trying here, but playing this game just doesn't appeal to me. There are lots of run on sentences and punctuation problems everywhere (suggestion: commas and periods are your friend), and frankly I kind of resented the way you're railroading the player.

'You are in a Prison Cell.
You can go south.
You can see a guard with a key lecturing you maybe if you attack him you can get the key and get out of here'

'You are in a Jail Exit.
You can see a Dagger.
You can go north or east.
There's a table made of oak plank with the cobblestone around it there's also a candle melting on the table you put the candle out with your finger it will give away your position luckily you're great in seeing in the dark

> x dagger
Until you pick this up you think you shouldn't leave'

...and so on. Why not let us think for ourselves to solve the puzzles? Isn't that the whole point of this kind of game?

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