The hobbit by Odette

Play as a extra person in Thrion oakshield's company.

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27 Apr 2017
I liked it.

Review by Nixanoro
10 May 2016
The writing and story-line really could use some work. Gandalf is portrayed horribly and as well as the fact that the author did no research into Tolkien's works to see magic really doesn't work like that. By the Gandalf isn't even a human, or man if you will. Since humans are called the race of men.

Review by Icamenal
08 Apr 2016
Writing is poor, as is the plot. There are some continuity errors, such as the protagonist going from a Mister to a Miss.

Review by ejm29
10 Dec 2014
The story is well written and captures Gandalfs likeness well.
But the story plot needs work.

Review by Renagrade
10 Dec 2014
That was extremely short. I think you should take your time with the next one, and make it longer. That's what I'm doing :)

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