Battle Royale Program by twocherryontop

30 people. 2 days. 1 survivor. Would you kill all of your classmates to win the program?

1. This story is highly inspired and based on Battle Royale, I'm a huge fan of them!
2. This story has a lot of dead ends, meaning you need to make the right choice to stay survive.
3. Inkle has no saving option, so if you get the dead end, you have to go thru the all over again :/
Review by GameofChocolate
13 Sep 2017
Very tough, mostly well written, and very good story-line. Good job on this one.

Review by leepdroon
05 Sep 2017
A nice short game, with several meaningful choices, and naturally several ways to die. I like how a lethally wrong choice might not lead to your death right away, instead letting you explore a bit more before you die. The game's short length also does it some favors, since it makes replaying it after dying much less disheartening. There are a few grammar mistakes here and there, but the game still feels quite solid.

Review by jtown951
03 Sep 2017
Very nice and detailed game. Some very small spelling errors but other than that the game is quite fun. I would make it a bit longer, it felt a bit short.

Review by MrPikmin16
28 Aug 2017
As a die-hard fan of Battle Royale (the manga is literally the best thing ever), can I just say that I love this? It is soooooo good and I really enjoyed it!

I loved the multiple endings! That ending scenario is what should've happened to Kawada but as we both know things didn't exactly work out. :(
I chose to shoot myself in the end (rip) then replayed to see the other ending.
Really good work overall

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