Welcome to Existence. by netflixandsapph

Welcome to existence.
You are placed into a world by your creator and you must choose which outcomes come to fruition through your actions. This game has a multitude of endings and which one you receive depends on said actions!

This "game" was originally made in 2016 as an experiment with the program that evolved into a much larger story after in late 2018 when the idea had been revisited.
Words of constructive criticism and how to improve are greatly appreciated has help the experience become richer and more fulfilling!

-i do not pride myself on my coding. tips on how to add things such as an inventory system and other elements would be greatly appreciated
-if the game seems short or linear please note i am trying to expand upon it and would love to hear suggestions !!

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Review by GameofChocolate
12 May 2017
I wander around for awhile and then finally am done wandering. Then I literally had 15 seconds of game-play and it was over. *sigh* was hoping for longer than a total of 3 minutes of game.

Review by Regisblackgaard
05 Jan 2017
Reminds me of childhood.

Review by TangibleTurtle
05 Jan 2017
Quite an experience! Cute and happy for the most part but with some eerie and unnerving stuff thrown in there too. Very interesting!

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