Rastros by Incanus

You are in charge of an experimental botanical station so you must do some pest control... but, betimes, cleaning the garden's pests can be quite a dangeorus chore. (Game in Spanish)
Estás a cargo de una estación botánica experimental y debes ocuparte del control de plagas pero, a veces, limpiar el jardín de alimañas puede ser más trabajoso y peligroso de lo que uno supone...
Review by IFforClassroom
09 Jan 2017
It's nice to see Incanus back in action. I enjoy theme of frontier life in space. When we actually do begin colonising space, menial tasks will be surprisingly common. Starvation, disease, pests, and lack of supplies will probably be a more real danger than alien civilisations.

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Published 21 Jun 2016
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