Dysnomia by Violent_Technology

Immerse yourself in the world of Dysnomia, a surreal, maze text adventure. To return to your home you must reveal clues, solve puzzles and find your way out of a vast labyrinth. Along the way, locate the cryptic riddles left behind by the maze's prior inhabitants, and ascertain the strange, dark forces behind Dysnomia. Written and scored by Alex Dalliance, created in Quest.


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Review by Infinicorn
15 Sep 2016
Amazing! It was really immersive, and I could barely tear my eyes away from the screen. Personally, I didn't need the map, as I was able to keep track in my head of where I was. But the puzzles were extremely intuitive; I found myself thinking, "I'm 99% sure I got that last key somewhere-- where could it possibly be?" I found it, though, and I loved the satisfaction I got at the end, knowing that I solved the labyrinth!

Review by Wonderwoman132
10 Jul 2016
It was really engaging . At first, when it said that you will need to make a map I kinda just brushed it off like whatever . But after 9 mins into the game I had to go all out on that map. Other than that the music was great, the atmosphere was great , the layout was great. Well just to summarize it all EVERYTHING WAS GREAT!

Review by JaimeT93
29 Apr 2016
Great atmospheric music, logic behind puzzles is very intuitive, the notes you find tell an awesome eerie story, and it ends with a fluffy dog which is obviously the best way to end an adventure! Also, I'm definitely glad I grabbed a good size page to draw my map on!

Review by Emipop325
12 Mar 2015
Great game! I wish it could have been longer, other than that it was alright... Good thing I drew a map!

Review by annroth
28 Feb 2015
Wow! That was an awesome journey! And the music - it sets the tone of the despair you feel when the puzzle has you under its control. But the ending is worth the struggle and leaves the traveler rewarded.

Review by rottingkitten
20 Feb 2015
The damn music sets the tone of this game so well. Amazing job overall on the diction and creativity !!!

Review by beebles
19 Feb 2015
I enjoyed this immensely! It brought me back to the choose your own adventure books I did when I was a kid, only a more adult version. Awesome job!

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 18 Feb 2015
Updated 13 Sep 2016