StoreyMinus by Bluevoss

StoreyMinus is a game about London or rather Below London. In the adventure, you’ve somehow found yourself beneath those historic streets, attempting to find trinket treasures while your hunger and thirst mount. Can you escape as things get grim, the walls closer, the dangers more and more real…

Version 4.0 - Overhauled the game. Significant changes:
*Much better combat system - battles are resolved in a minute or less.
*Sound effects for many of the activities in the game.
*Background music to set the mood!

Review by IFforClassroom
28 Sep 2021
Just... Wow!

Review by jwpfox
08 Jul 2019
Technically impressive game. Lots of very interesting ideas and pushing the system in all sorts of interesting ways. If you are thinking of authoring a story looking at this one for ideas about what you can do in this sphere. It is still a work in progress and the story and gameplay would benefit from some polishing but that takes nothing away from a fantastic achievement that should be an inspiration to all.

Review by jmnevil54
08 Apr 2019
I exited the game soon.
I was in there 4 hours and 28 minutes. I covered 6 areas. I found 1 trinket. I had a final score of 11.

Very nice maze game. It needs more suspense, it could use more obstacles, maybe monsters or spikes.

Review by marsetta
26 Mar 2019
That was super fun! I died, but I will definitely be playing again!

Review by human9
14 Mar 2019
Very fun game.

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