Escape from Pompeii!! by garj

On August 24th, 70 A.D., Mt. Vesuvius erupted unexpectedly and ended up destroying the city of Pompeii, Italy. You are a Roman citizen who is unlucky enough to be in the city on that fateful day. Make wise decisions, and you will live to see another day. Make wrong decisions, and your fate is sealed. There is only ONE way out of the burning Pompeii. Can you find it?
Review by CraftyKat
22 Mar 2016
Fantastic! If you are stuck (or just bored, like me) you can go find the answer in the comments section. If you want to tough it out, at least let me give you a hint...


Now you may scramble around and try to decode it until you go insane. Enjoy. :)

Review by StrategyLover
08 Nov 2013

Deserves attention.

I had to retry like 12 times, but i was surprised when i got to the end of a text, and suddenly the was no "The End".

5 stars.

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