Suicide by Dan Doyle III

Tonight's the night you are going to kill yourself. You walk into the bathroom, realizing that this is the last room you're ever going to be in alive. The thought is both terrifying and liberating.

This is a one-room game where you play a character ready to kill herself. The challenge is in deciding on a method that actually works. There are 29 different endings to the game, some involving unsuccessful deaths, some involving successful deaths, as well as some involving alternatives to death.

The game involves elements of dark humor, and is not difficult. Drug use is possible, and adult scenarios is kind of a give in (considering it's related to suicide), but it isn't tastless. The intention is to show the consequences of failed suicide attempts, as well as the family consequences of successful suicide.

Given that there are so many endings, the game is never "unwinnable" (especially since death is a goal), however you may render a given ending unreachable by your actions. The game is very short and not overly difficult.
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Review by izzie_92
30 Nov 2017
i like it.

12 Jun 2017
i like it but at least the game sounds less gory then watching the second renessaince part 1 and 2 in the animatrix. but the game is good

Review by incognitiounsure
04 Feb 2017
Masturbate as a female 10/10

Review by flysquirrel775
25 Jan 2016
I really enjoyed playing this game, trying to get myself killed. Loved the dark humor and one ridiculous ending

Review by Handmore
26 Sep 2015
you can masturbate in the tub and you wont die 5/5

Review by Mayame8
30 Jul 2015
Great game, even though it's insane that I say that with a suicide game. It gives awareness to people of how much damage you can do even in a small room with limited items.

Played it five times and just managed to actually die...thank goodness.

Review by twin_centaurs
10 Jul 2015
The game, simple at first glance, has a lot of depth. As you attempt to make the girl kill herself again and again, more and more of the story unfolds. It is an interesting concept, helping raise awareness of teen suicide by showing the results of successful suicide and what can happen if it doesn't work out. So many endings, well done!

Review by SasuTenLuvr
26 Mar 2015
It's probably a little unhealthy that I spent so much effort and had so much fun trying to help a girl kill herself. But when you make it so morbidly entertaining (and I love dark humor), how can I resist?
I kind of connected with the character during my first few failed attempts- eg: when she was either too weak or too nervous to properly kill herself. That's probably why I personally am still alive...
But what I really liked were the positive alternatives to suicide. They made me smile and feel a bit proud- prouder than when she finally successfully died, even.
Thanks for this game.

Review by sherbertname
06 Oct 2014
An ace game.
As somebody who struggles with suicide I played this game for ideas but upon playing it made me feel better, without doing anything to hurt myself.
Thanks. :)

Review by happysappygirl101
19 Apr 2014
I honestly loved this game. It had some moments which made me laugh, and many instances (such as when the shower rod breaks when trying to hang yourself, the electrocution attempt, etc) that can show the realistic possible outcomes of trying to kill yourself, and that suicide sometimes isn't successful. Also, the story had many choices and endings to offer (both lethal and non lethal), although it would have been able to find some way to incorporate more story line on the prom girl protagonist, since the whole prom thing wasn't explained in relation to her attempting suicide very well, in my humble opinion. Also, you should mention at the beginning that you are able to use a gun and rope, or at least mention them if your character tries to examine the room, or look around, or something. However, I still liked the blend of seriousness, with a few moments that made me chuckle (like trying to drink toilet water). Very well thought out.

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