Demon Island by Superbaldo

A two-act long "Choose Your Own Adventure" Thriller Fantasy that takes the reader through the misadventures of Myles Hoover, a rookie cop whose voyage went horribly wrong

Battle your way through the ship only to be catapulted on an infested island in a mysterious area in the Atlantic Sea. Uncover the mysteries of the land, and side with one of the two warring factions through the use of your supernatural abilities and items

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Review by jct2403
20 Oct 2018
Playing through this adventure was one of the most entertaining experiences of my life. There was not a dull moment in the story and the constant levels of tension had me on the edge of my seat. I had to really think about the decisions I made and I love how there is no one correct way of finishing the story. The writing was brilliant and contained descriptions so vivid I really felt like I was on Demon Island. The author has created a story that could very easily be adapted into an action/horror film and I hope that one day he/she considers this. Overall, this was a fantastic story that gave me a feeling of happiness I have never experienced before.

Review by GameofChocolate
06 Jun 2017
That was seeming fun til I went to the deck door and had no more buttons to click. This was following the incident with the bridge and then trying to return...

Review by TangibleTurtle
13 Jan 2017
I did quite enjoy playing this. Having the character sheet and 'if you have X, do this' moments were reminiscent of good ol' paper gamebooks. Liked it!

Review by IFforClassroom
13 Jan 2017
There are a few dead links. Also, it would have been easy to implement gamebook features in both Squiffy and Quest, rather than instruct the player to choose two abilities and then only click links related to those.

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Published 16 Jan 2017
Updated 08 Jul 2018