Underground Dungeon by benergize

It is said that there is great treasure at the end of the notorious Underground Dungeon... treasure left behind by the long gone Dragon Cult. Now the place is a hideout for thugs, some of whom seek this great treasure, whatever it may be. You have come at the behest of the Duke of Wor, who seeks The Amulet of Verumune, hidden somewhere in the dungeon too. If you find it, your name will be inscribed on the walls of the Hall of Heroes. So set out into the Underground Dungeon! Make your name legend!
Review by IFforClassroom
11 Jan 2017
A fun old-style text adventure with a nostalgic feel. Impressively, benergize created everything from absolute scratch, so expect the parser not respond in completely standardised ways.

Review by Jesse Richardson
09 Jan 2017
good game, better than most..

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Published 12 Jan 2017