Giantess Shrinking day (v 0.9.1) by bluegman2002


In situations where nothing happens press the space bar(or any key on your keyboard to continue)

Save often there are more ways to die then live but there is always at least one way out.

A free roam tiny sim. This will be a finished project with a goal of at least 10 girls(as well as a few secrets) maybe a puzzle or two, and of course everything a giantess fan could want from ore all types of crushing and a few other things. I took advice from previous test runs and I made all situations possible to survive and I am working on a questing system. Make sure to reset save to play new update. I generally release an update containing bug fixes, new rooms/giantesses etc. every week or so.

Update log.


Timeless update

-Two new giantesses(Solaris and Luna)
-Added an entirely new section but it requires a little thinking to find.
-Removed pesky bugs, but not you, we like bugs like you ;)
-Reset my computer for the third time this year because hackers hate me
-Rewrote half of the scripts for this because my computer had to be reset so I lost a lot of my work
-Made an update log for the people who asked me to do it



Timeless update(Fixed)

-Exactly what is sounds like I fixed it.


-Sorry for the lack of updates. I like to work in short bursts so it is hard to work on this and I lose attention easily. I am continuing to work on this however even though I took a two month break there is still content on the way. The 2v1 update is about 50% done and I am going to do a pre-release on it once I get the first girl finished ;)
I'm not going to set any goals but know that this will be soon.

ALSO it was pointed out to me by a commenter that my cover art wasn't polished(probably because I did it in two minutes with a mouse. Any creative types out there can feel free to put dropbox link up to an image that they made(or found if it's really good) Eventually I'll pick the winner.


2v1 Partial Update(v 0.8)
-Finished the main interaction between the two giantess and one solo interaction
-Setup for second giantess interaction in update
-Minor bug fixes
-Finally updated after way to long

(v 0.8.1)
-Fixed random bugs
-Improved descriptions
-Fixed bug where you would get trapped in Haley's room(You do when you are there for her interaction the room can now only be accessed after completion of the 2v1 update this allows you to repeat events from her room on.)

(v 0.8.2)
-Added options menu

(v 0.9)
-Finished the 2 v 1 update
-Emily interactions done
-Haley interactions done
-Many minor bug fixes
-Made options menu
-Further optimization


(v 0.9.1)
-Bug fixes
-Small content update

(v 0.9.2)
-Fixed locker scene and all of Emily's interactions afterword's(I think I was half asleep when I originally made them because I forgot to put in the move scripts, sorry.)
-Rewrote some dialogue to make it more detailed and better
Authors note: I will be going back and redoing a lot of dialogue as well as adding some better pacing to the game. So expect so quality of death improvements.

(v 0.9.3)
-Removed pathetic bugs
-Added some new interactions with Lily(since now I can update.)

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Review by TROLL
07 Aug 2018
Awesome, sorry I didn’t put a comment yet, I forgot :p

Review by Victor 3
18 Aug 2017
A nice game

Review by epicskull
04 Aug 2017
A great game. I get lost a lot as the game expands, but finding new things isn't hard.

Review by G0D0FDEATH99
18 Jun 2017
Good job. Maybe add some ub.

Review by shadowfire000
15 Mar 2017
I think that it could some work on dialog but it is still good also the picture is strange for something so well done

Review by Gibby7777777
10 Jan 2017
Fantastic game.

Review by misterbleik
23 Nov 2016
awesome game

Review by Giantess
25 Oct 2016
It's a good little game you have got here

Review by Regisblackgaard
22 Oct 2016
Good but could use some pictures

Review by kulemada
21 Oct 2016
Best giantess game i have played on here so far. I rly like the idea of being carried around by a girl, and being able to interact as her. Only thing i would like is some pictures when you hit the look at option.

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