Hunted: Once burned, Twice Shy by Theseasdancingotter

You are the star when it comes to this story. Join Sam and Dean on a Supernatural hunt that's success hinges on your decisions. This game is currently in unfinished Alpha and is only being uploaded as a test. Much more content is planned and will be updated semi-frequently (What my schedule allows :P)

All rights are reserved to the original creators of Supernatural.

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Review by HMacG
28 Apr 2017
* Well-developed story
* Adheres to canonical tropes (for SPN fans, that translates to feeling like you're IN an episode)
* Very few mechanical (writing) errors
* Reader-insert (rather than playing as a character from the series)

* Too few choices (way too many single-option clickables with no decision-making opportunities)
* No updates or new material in over a year
* Not enough interaction with SPN characters -- too many scenes where the Reader character is alone

Review by Stella S.
23 Sep 2016
Very good and well-written. Amazing grammar, spelling, and phrasing.
Keep up the good work!

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Published 21 Apr 2016
Updated 28 Apr 2016