Inky Path Volume 1.2 by dacharya64

Inky Path Literary Magazine is a lit mag dedicated to showcasing high quality interactive fiction of all sizes, shapes, and flavors.

Our second volume presents six fantastic pieces ranging from funny to whimsical to surreal. You can also play a staff-made gamebook RPG, questing for various "worldgates"--that is, pieces in this volume.

For more information about Inky Path, including info on how to submit your own work, please visit
Review by GameofChocolate
10 May 2017
I got bored with the game pretty fast. It's probably very interesting for some people, but not for me as much. Sorry for the boo rating.

Review by coryman120
05 Sep 2016
very fun

Review by arislaf
05 Feb 2015
Great job!

Review by Tom C.L.
28 Jun 2014
I really liked it. Could I use the dice sistem in one of my games?

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Published 31 May 2014