Escape from the Forbidden City by peter edwards

Can you overcome the difficulties and dangers of the Forbidden City and make your escape?

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Review by catherine123
29 Dec 2017
Pretty good!

Review by GameofChocolate
04 Jul 2017
So I woke up... can't look at anything, can't go in directions, I don't even know what's around my person. I gave up.

Review by loza14
03 Dec 2016
Very nice game but a bit confusing to finish. I couldn't do it without this comments.
It was hard to use the right verbs soumetimes, e.g. to open the lock to free the princess!
Also it was very confusing to understand what to do in the well - I had no idea that I was sitting in the water and I needed some weight to go down. Nothing in the text says that.
But anyway with some hints from the comments I was able to finish that.
Thanks for fun!

Review by Floranovae
17 Nov 2016
Challenging! But lots of fun.

Review by Jfulls002
12 Oct 2016
fantastic overall

04 Oct 2016
I really enjoyed the game! The puzzles were straightforward and could be solved after putting some thought to them(except perhaps, finding the rugbug). I found the game to be of a good length, neither too long nor too short. I will definitely check out more of Peter Edwards' games!

Review by Stella S.
28 Sep 2016
It's amazing! One of the best I've played. Nicely done!

Review by Tamzy
29 Aug 2016
Fun game, hard enough to make you think, some good puzzles.

Review by jojois74
26 Aug 2016
This was one of my first text adventures, so I knew, coming into this, that I would have a hard time. But I was pleased to see that there weren't many moments that I found "unfair." The descriptions had a nice way of subtly making sure the player is aware of the important pieces of scenery in the rooms so that the player can figure out for themselves where they need to go to get an item. The game author was also very nice and helpful.
My favorite puzzle was the wooden door -- this is the kind of puzzle that you can solve for yourself without needing anything other than your own creativity.

Review by DavyB
14 Jun 2016
I really enjoyed playing this game! It was my second by Peter Edwards and the first he posted to the site. It is very well written, tightly scripted across a relatively small number of locations and has strong puzzle-solving content. There are three clear stages to the game, with a piece of paper picked up at the start of each stage, encouraging progress in poetic terms! It was a bit inconvenient that each had exactly the same name but that's a very minor quibble.

In this first game, Peter establishes his 'style' in terms the look of the game in a reasonably large handwriting font, accompanied by beautiful illustrations for selected scenes. He also included the Quest control panel though it wasn't necessary to use it, and indeed has been dropped in his more recent adventures.

The puzzles are sometimes demanding but you can, like me, dip into the associated comments to pick up clues and, in some cases, straight solutions! This game is perhaps the recommended place to start the sequence of Peter Edwards' games, and is a highly recommended game overall.

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peter edwards

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 08 Sep 2012
Updated 07 Mar 2017

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