Warrior Cat RPG by BluedBarren

Welcome to Clan life. Choose your character, work your way up the ranks, grow your family, and build your own destiny. This, is RavenClan. Formerly known as IceClan, this is a clan that has been rebuilt from the ground up by none other than Ravenshade. The old IceClan was sick with black cough, and those who were healthy massacred the sick and left to find new territory. Ravenshade was among the healthy, but she didn’t kill a soul. After the massacre, she stayed in the blood-slicked snow, weeping over the fall of her clan. She pulled through the sorrow, and made a bold decision. She would remake IceClan. She succeeded, charming rogues and loners to join her and recreate the clan. Her leadership was so strong, that each and every member of the clan voted to change the name to RavenClan after her death. She was never appointed 9 lives, and she never received her full leader name, but to them, she was the strongest leader that could ever live. Ravenshade became the cat to bless each and every new leader with another life, along with those killed in the original IceClan, so that the new leaders could have the nine lives and new name that she never had. Fast forward to today, and Venisonstar is the new leader. His ideas are radical, his demeanor as icy as the territory they reside in. He focuses on one thing and one thing only; Evolution. You have been born into RavenClan, and you must live through the cruel decisions that Venisonstar enforces. Will you be able to handle it? (Authors note: Hey guys! It’s me, BlueBarren, the one who wrote ConchClan’s Clarity. Unfortunately, ConchClan is... “no more”. Well... not entirely, but for the remake of this story, we will be focusing on a different clan in this arc. I was locked out of my other account, BlueBarren, so I’ve made a new account. I hope that this time, I will be able to stick to updates in the story. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!)

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Review by Heres a problem
10 Feb 2020
Im writing this as I play lol. OK so, I'm:
Yarrowkit (Blackish brown cat with sharp yellow eyes). I believe it is super good, although instead of writing a whole paragraph on their personalities, you could do [[Beekit]] and continue on with the story, then when they click on beekit, it clicks over to his personality instead of getting confused on other kits.
[[beekit]] <-- Click

Beekit’s one of the coolest gals around. She’s so spunky, every cat envies her.

Just a suggestion :)

Second, this RPG is amazing! Thank you for letting me review it. You could, on the timeskip, do audio that has like a playful tone to it, if you'd like. Grammar and spelling is good. Quite an adventure, can't wait for more!

- 🧸 Here's a problem 🧸

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