An Extremley Stupid RPG: n00by Edition by Aech778010

we apologize greatly for the inconvencince of the finishing of this game, we promise that we will finish this as soon as possible. The creaotr has recently have limited and minimal time in order to complete the game, we would apprectiate ANY KIND OF IDEA to end or finsh the game with (don't worry, we'll make a sequel too) the story idea so far that we might end with is ethier a rhyming riddle dragon, or getting swallowed by john cenas belly and you have to escape with chuck norris, we will add also these refrences:
motny python
you killed kenney
star wars
star trek
konami code
the simpsons
the lord of the rings
mortal kombat

Again, ANY IDEAS will be CONSIDERED FOR THIS GAME (EVEN THE STUPID ONES) please feel free to openly give contribute ideas to the game (any government illuminati syping on you will not be our fault)

*Note to Moderator: Please put this game in Comedy and RPG please!!!!!!
*I made this picture using piZap online, really great for making photos and stuff
*check out my Tumblr as well! (aech778010)

This game is suggested to n00bz who need to be exposed to Quality Comedy RPGs
Notice: For full enjoyment, fast internet is suggested

Adding Monty Python Killer Bunny (suggested by Nick_Crafter)
Added AWESOME and Original Legend of Zelda Nintendo Entertainment System Title Theme
Added Heyeyeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeayea at so far "ending"
Added ASCII Logo
Fixed accidental crap
Fixed moar accidental crap
Lost virginity

Added Unicorns (Suggested by ChubbyLandShark)
Added Monty Python and The Holy Grail Bridge Keeper Refrence
Added Stuff
Added Pictures
Added More Stuff
Added Keys Puzzle

(The last one is a joke)

Brought to you by Aech778010, the creator of the Haunted House DEMO, An Extremely Stupid RPG, introducing a game with cutting edge 3D 5000-bit graphics that immerse you in the story, play as some guy that I don't know that wants to find something. Fight Dragons, rescue damsels in distress. Puzzles, Adventure, its all in here (Whether you like it or not). This is the full game, I am also updating my Black Screen Simulator as well.
If I get enough compliments and great ratings, then I might make add more stuff! (I said might, not will, its a free country, I do what I want, ever heard of democracy?)

This game contains some suggested humor and language, AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of Gore and Blood, don't blame me if you get traumatized or if you scare the crap out of your self.

Updates/DLC will be added regularly and periodically (same thing) which makes up for the unreleased version of the second game (which I will incorporate into this game too)

This game is suggested for people that can read (people who can read this very sentence) if you can't, we encourage you to go to school

Please visit my wiki:
And Please Visit my YouTube Channel:


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Review by demcleod
02 Oct 2017
This game is hilarious! I don't know how many times I died but the way you die in this game is funny and makes me laugh so how can I stay mad at a game that kills me, but makes me smile?

Review by Frenchyboy
01 Oct 2017
Yep. as I said in the comments

Review by RobotGuy999
05 Aug 2017
Not bad man!

Review by Vladikhuk
27 Jul 2017

Could use some moar hints and less dead ends

Review by yoshiclay9000
23 Jul 2017
Its very MLG. 15/10

Review by RedStorm92
16 Jun 2017
5/5 IGN this game the most mlg game

Review by Austin.Hitchner99
02 May 2017
As in comedy I thought it was extremely funny with stupid deaths... I enjoy this

Review by ezekieljd
07 Mar 2017
I'm barely 5 minutes into this game and I already am laughing as I play. Seriously funny.

Review by LemonGrabJuice
08 Feb 2017
lil 2 dnak 4 meme

Review by Lewge
27 Nov 2016
Hey people! This game is approved by Morgan Freeman, I can't believe I played a game approved by Morgan Freeman!

Btw this game is extremely funny, and random, and funny

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 03 Jan 2016
Updated 01 Jul 2016