Giantess Stories by HighImpactMoth

These stories are intended for a mature audience interested in adult stories involving giants and giantesses, These stories are made by HighImpactMoth/Yurlations (Deviantart) so please keep an eye out for my content in the future.

This game is currently incomplete and only features 1 story so far, if you wish to suggest a character or character type please either DM either here or on Discord at High Impact Moth#8728 or leave a comment, you may also suggest situations you wish to see in the future.

Please bare with me as the game is ongoing, if there is a bug or issue be sure to DM or comment but please save the reviews until the issue is fixed, thank you very much.

Update: I have added a new story called Alien Abduction, I also plan to resolve some issues that were addressed in in a review, besides that I am working on the third story and thinking of what the forth will be

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Review by Satan666
16 Jul 2020
Pretty good for a gamebook, as opposed to the usual textadventure game. Where it suffers in player choice, it makes up for it's ability to let the player get in, find all the endnings and do their buissiness, and get out, which is always appriciated in a game of this genre. ;)

As far as problems go, there are some minor grammar and spelling mistakes, but those can be easily overlooked. The only real problem is the fact that some of the options appear out of order where they're listed. As in, it lists option 1 and option 2, then when you choose, it puts option 1 on the bottom and option 2 on top. That should be fixed, as it's unintuitive on a basic level.

Lastly, I'll make my suggestion for possible scenarious, as I'd like to see what you can do with them:
- More vore content would be appriciated, esspecially oral vore.
- A banquet scenario would be neat, where you get stuck in food and eaten.
- Any humiliation is good, i.e. sweat, spit, socks, toilet, etc.
- If possible, some fantasy vore could be cool. Not sure if these are unrelated stories or not, but some monster girls with felarya esq vore scenes could be fun.

Hope to see updates for this. Keep it up.

Review by nederjouini
12 Jul 2020
it's a really cool game even with one character there is a lot of interaction can't wait to see more characters

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