Sara's Lunch by CraftyKat

You are Sara. You want ramen.

Obtain the ramen at ALL COSTS.

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Review by Battybait329250
16 Jul 2021
Whooo!!! I got the ramen!! Lydia is the best!

Review by BookCat24
24 Dec 2020
Don't look at me, just eating everything I can find...

Review by DigiHopeful
06 Aug 2020
I loved it, it was so funny XD I really enjoyed it, it almost made me feel like a hungry infant desperate for ramen. Great job. :)

Review by Detective
21 Mar 2020

Review by TextmanX
20 Mar 2020
Funny, lots of loops! Not too many options, though...

Review by Heres a problem
05 Feb 2020
I can relate to this so much back in public school. We had this microwave the teacher always had in her room, and this guy befor elunch would always ask to use the microwave for ramen.

Review by Za;\lgoSo\
20 Oct 2019
I actually can relate to the getting ramen at all costs which also reminds me I got to get my ramen from the microwave😋

Review by Siena
20 Sep 2019
😂very funny and hard to get that ramen😂

20 Sep 2019
This is a hilarious game!

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