Choice of the Vampire by Choice of Games

Begin your two-hundred year journey as a vampire in New Orleans, 1815; choose whether you will seek love, power or redemption as you negotiate the growing-pains of the young Republic.
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Review by hannatude
20 Jul 2018
The game is great - the historical settings are great, the ability to create your character throughout the narrative is great. It's a 5 star game... but you're only able to play a portion of it before being trapped behind a paywall.
I understand the desire to make money on something that took a lot of time and effort to make, but I feel like the need to pay for the complete story should have been mentioned in the summary.

Review by hrowe26
07 Jun 2016
love it!!!!

Review by madgirl2020
26 May 2016
It was terrific, but if only it was longer and not a demo...

Review by Story Timer
13 Sep 2015
It was very time consuming, but once I started i got so into it that I just had to finish and was so connected. Forever mourning Cholo. In the end I really loved the story and options available and the way it involved history to mix with. Just couldn't find anything to spend my money on, leaving to the net game a a millionaire.

Review by Susana
13 Jul 2015
Demo games nor even deserve be called games.

Review by Eaten By A Grue
20 Apr 2014
I enjoyed this one (though I did eventually lose steam, it's quite long!); I've been impressed by this and the other games put out by Choice of Games. They have a similar "tailored to your choices" feel as the Walking Dead and Fables games released by Telltale, only in text form.

Review by storyspoiler
15 Oct 2013
This game isn't terribly engaging. Also, though I suspect it isn't the author's intent, it's fairly racist. Boo hiss.

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