Scared Yet? by Claire6129

What mythical creature are you most scared of? Know it, or not, I will do my best to guess it. Just say yes or no to my questions. A short game. Don't hesitate to add GOOD reviews, and honest comments. Thank you and enjoy the mini quiz/mini game.

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Review by Jesse Richardson
10 Jan 2017
you know, you should play some other games on this site. Like for real.
Ways to make a piece of poo like the one you shitted out better:
-Scraed Yet? is not a valid title. DUH
-playing 20 questions isn't interesting. That's why its in sandpit, person.
Nuff said.

27 Jul 2016
Fun idea, but i feel making us choose from a list of things we know you can guess spoils any tension. I don't think this kind of guessing game can be enjoyed properly with such a small selection either, or with the player needing to select at all.

Review by Forest05
22 Nov 2015
Creepy. Not really a lot of effort put into it though...

Review by mattgames
05 Apr 2015
pretty good lol i didnt expect pics so i had a mini heart attack on the clown one xD

Review by Charsi
03 Aug 2014
Funny :D In Twilight, werewolves were so cute they made me want a pet wolf :D

Review by Tom C.L.
29 Jun 2014
An interesting concept.

Review by AJHHICKS
18 Mar 2014
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Review by madi
17 Mar 2014
itys very good and one thing is that jb sucks and if he would be a role model it would be for girls who have no clue what drugs and alcohol are

Review by infinentvariables
27 Feb 2014
its ok but the thing is none of these scare me cus i know they aint real i give this a four and the girl was edited that wasnt real but otherwise its cool

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