Gumball Gary Leaves The House by Tohm

You are a dude named Gary. You've finally made it into the big world and are ready to have an adventure.

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Review by Emera
12 Nov 2005
its an OK thing... The music would be better if it repeated...

And I think its kinda silly how I'm told I have no money when I try to buy something when I have a wallet... it SAYS it has money in it when I pick it up!

I liked how you actully saw it on look,
But I wish it was JUST description on examine...

Review by butt fungus
03 Dec 2004
Nice reviews you couple of individual guys who are not the same person and especially not the creator himself... pictures, nice touch? You need to get out more.

Review by budsnucker
01 Nov 2004
Sorry Robotto. You're soft. The pictures were a waste of space. The game itself was OK.

Review by Steve Lingle
14 Oct 2004
I'm giving this one a 3 for effort.

Instead of a long description of what I turned up, I will simply say it is a short game. Explore it for a while and when you give up, look at the code in QDK. After that, you may still not be able to figure out how to complete the game.

I don't know if it works to its completion. I'm not trying to beat the game down. Bottom line, the game needs more description of why you are playing it. All I could make out of it is that you're a kid needing a job and a girlfriend.

There's an interesting puzzle or two.

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