The House In The Woods That Probably Has A Psycho Clown With A Chainsaw In It by King Fives

This is my first text adventure game that I made. There is 3 endings, the real ending, the fake ending, and the secret ending. You need the 2 secret keys to unlock room 4, which is the secret ending. Enjoy! FYI: Only click Room 5 when you you find the 3 keys.
Review by biospu
03 Apr 2020
A meme game with a meme review

Review by funkyspunk90
25 Jan 2017
It's a jokey game, with bad spelling. You pick from random choices of where to explore, and some kill you.
It is like lots of other games.

Review by TangibleTurtle
05 Jan 2017
I don't really know what sets the endings apart, but overall it's a short silly fun experience with decent replayability :)

Review by Kathryn Le Dino
24 Nov 2016
I like the theme of it, but I put my foot down at Donald Trump.

Review by Regisblackgaard
23 Nov 2016
good but a leetle too cringy for a 5 star.

Review by MakotoNaez
23 Nov 2016
I'm giving 5 stars ONLY because of what happens if you Ignore the house at the beggining.

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