Gamma Intruder by cyberlouse

Armed with a Power Armor, a Plasma Dagger, a Gammaray Scorching Blaster and an Adaptive AI Heuristic Hacking Program you infiltrate an enemy base to gather vital intelligence.

Tired of First Person Shooters? Third Person Shooters are getting old too?

Enter the first Second Person Shooter ever! Begin in the middle of the fray without a clue about what you are doing or why you are doing it (why am I shooting at those creatures? Just because! Who needs a "why" to shoot things!). Explore, hack and replenish your energy like a good adventurer should! Fight your way out of wherever you were! Get your performance ranked!

You need the UI bar to play, the inventory button is there, so it won't work properly on some mobile devices. To play, you need to go to the inventory, select an object, click "Examine" and, if you can, interact with it.

HINT: Recharge your blaster and save OFTEN.
Review by jmnevil54
05 Feb 2021
It works fine on my Kindle!
It's a great game! I almost died, and then the game ended, I'm pretty sure! Either that, or the gun busted and there was no link to click on. Please work on your game!

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Published 29 Oct 2020
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