Fiddly Inventory by Tyler McNamara

Imagine yourself in the D&D campaign of a twelve-year old, where you play a high level, nondescript hero preparing for their final battle by sorting through their massive inventory of weapons, armors, clothes and items, and reminiscing about how they acquired it all.

Do you have the patience to sort through all this stuff and fill each of your inventory slots with just the right item to survive?
Review by Forgewright
04 Aug 2016
I haven't gone past the first door in the game, but if the beginning is anything like game, a player can expect a fun run. The author has a great sense of humor in telling his storyline. I found no glitches. I liked the graphics because it reminded me of the old school table top version of D&D. Good stuff Tyler

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Written by
Tyler McNamara

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Published 31 Jul 2016